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 titlecityprice date
baxter, TN$10,000Jan 27th
cookeville, TN$4,500Jan 26th
crossville, TN$70Jan 26th
lafayette, TN$1,200Jan 26th
dayton, TN $1,900Jan 26th
cookeville, TN$100Jan 26th
crossville, TN$550Jan 26th
crossville, TN $1,000Jan 26th
sparta, TNn/aJan 26th
rockwood, TN$12,000Jan 26th
albany, KY$20,400Jan 26th
sparta, TN$3,800Jan 26th
tompkinsville, KY$3,600Jan 26th
mcminnville, TNtrade?Jan 26th
crossville, TN$125Jan 26th
mcminnville, TNtrade?Jan 26th
clarkrange, TN wantedJan 26th
crossville, TN$3,750Jan 26th
lafayette, TN$2,500Jan 26th
tompkinsville, KY $900Jan 26th
sparta, TN$9,450Jan 26th
sparta, TN$1,800Jan 26th
jamestown, TN $3,000Jan 26th
dunlap, TNwantedJan 26th
burkesville, KY n/aJan 26th
knifley, KY$1,700Jan 26th
knifley, KYn/aJan 26th
jamestown, TN n/aJan 26th
sparta, TN$15,500Jan 26th
monticello, KY $1,250Jan 26th
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