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jamestown, TN$45Feb 5th
cookeville, TN$400Feb 5th
cookeville, TN$10Feb 5th
normandy, TNwantedFeb 5th
crossville, TN$50Feb 5th
loudon, TN$50Feb 5th
celina, TN$10Feb 5th
crossville, TN$60Feb 5th
cookeville, TN$1,200Feb 5th
cookeville, TNn/aFeb 5th
cookeville, TN$28Feb 5th
murfreesboro, TN$1,234Feb 5th
somerset, KY$4,890Feb 5th
burkesville, KY$700Feb 5th
defeated, TN$600Feb 5th
monticello, KY $40Feb 5th
mcminnville, TN$425Feb 5th
cookeville, TN$30Feb 5th
jamestown, TN$50Feb 5th
crossville, TNn/aFeb 5th
mcminnville, TN$1Feb 5th
livingston, TN$600Feb 5th
gainesboro, TN n/aFeb 5th
gordonsville, TNn/aFeb 5th
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